Scene by scene guide to the music featured in the Mad Men series

Season 2 Episode 2

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Track 1:

RJD2 A Beautiful Mine Mad Men Series Theme tune

"A Beautiful Mine" - RJD2 Listen/Buy

Scene: Opening credits played throughout the whole series

Track 2:

Andrews Sisters I Can Dream Can't I Mad men Season 1 episode 2

"Crooked Woman" - Edd Henry Listen/Buy

Scene: At Paul and Sheila's party Pete and Trudy Campbell arrive and chat to Peggy and Eugene. This track appears on Mad Men Music Volume 2.

Track 3:

Baby Washington and the Hearts

"Congratulations Honey" - Baby Washington & The Hearts Listen/Buy

Scene: Joan chats to Paul and makes some inappropriate comments to Sheila

Track 4:

Cardigans - Great Divide

"Sukiyaki" - Kyu Sakomoto Listen/Buy

Scene: Don gets propositioned by the waitress at the Japanese restaurant. Ironically Kyu Sakomoto was also killed in a plane crash

Track 5:

george mcgregor temptation is hard to fight

"Temptation Is Hard To Figtht" - George McGregor & The Bronzettes

Scene: End credits


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