Scene by scene guide to the music featured in the Mad Men series

Season 1 Episode 7

Red in the Face

Roger is invited back to the Draper's for dinner and makes a pass at Betty. Betty and Helen have an altercation at the supermarket. While working on the Nixon campaign Don and Roger overdo it at the Oyster Bar with embarrassing results.
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Track 1:

RJD2 A Beautiful Mine Mad Men Series Theme tune

"A Beautiful Mine" - RJD2 Listen/Buy

Scene: Opening credits

Track 2:

Bud Powell There will never be another you

"There Will Never Be Another You" - Bud Powell Listen/Buy


Track 3:

Night and Day Luiz Bonfa

"Night and Day" - Luiz Bonfa Listen/Buy


Track 4:

Botch a Me Rosemary Clooney

"Botch-A-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina)" - Rosemary Clooney Listen/Buy

Scene: Closing credits


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