Scene by scene guide to the music featured in the Mad Men series

Season 1 Episode 4

New Amsterdam

Pete and Trudy try to get a loan for a new apartment just as Pete almost gets fired. Betty babysits for Helen and after an awkward encounter gives Glen an unusual present.
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Track 1:

RJD2 A Beautiful Mine Mad Men Series Theme tune

"A Beautiful Mine" - RJD2 Listen/Buy

Scene: Opening credits played throughout the whole series

Track 2:

Bob Newhart	Driving Instructor (Comedy Bit)

"Driving Instructor" - Bob Newhart Listen/Buy

Scene: In Pete Campbell's office. This isn't available for download but you can buy the hilarious CD "The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart", on which this sketch appears, here.

Track 3:

Ella Fitzgeralld Manhattan

"Manhattan" - Ella Fitzgerald Listen/Buy

Scene: Pete surveys Manhattan from his new apartment and closing credits


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